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diane hammer

Principal:  Diane Hammer
Phone: 801-402-2600
Email:  dihammer@dsdmail.net  

Matthew King Asst.

Admin. Intern: Matthew King
Phone: 801-402-2603
Email:  making@dsdmail.net


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Main Office: 801-402-2600
Attendance: 801-402-2606
Fax:  801-402-2601

Office Hours:  8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Office Manager:  Monica Kirkman

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  • This school employs individuals holding an LEA-specific educator license and/or endorsement
  • An explanation of the types of educator licenses issued by USBE can be found here: https://www.schools.utah.gov/licensing/overview?mid=5284&tid=0
  • As of 11/16/2020, this school employs educators with the following types of licensure:
    • Professional License - 91%
    • Associate License - 2%
    • LEA-specific License - 7%
    • Not USBE Qualified - 0%
  • Individual educator credentials are public information and may be found here: https://cactus.schools.utah.gov/PersonSearch


Essential Dozen

Syracuse Vision Statement

All students are actively engaged and focused on learning while being respectful, responsible, and safe.  Positive support, collaboration, and communication occur at all levels to ensure student growth and success.  Creativity and diversity are celebrated as students prepare to be productive citizens in their global communities

Teacher Student Success Plan

TSSP 2022

Syracuse Elementary Goals 2019-2020

1.      Student Growth, Community, Employees, Culture

Increase student growth and achievement by implementing I-Ready Reading and Math using an adaptive, online program and utilizing Scatter Groups with Tier 2 instruction at all grade levels.

(Show typical or higher growth from BOY to MOY for each grade level.)

2.      Student Growth, Community, Employees, Culture

The percentage of behavioral expectations being clearly and consistently applied will decrease. Office referrals will go down 1% from data comparing the number of referrals from 2018-2019 to 2019-2020. (Quarterly report-by third term have 1% fewer office referrals in PBIS.)

3.      Student Growth, Empowered Employees

Teachers will be involved in LEAN Training to help them find those things that are valuable and get rid of those things in their classrooms and lives that are wasting space and time.

(Survey given to those in the LEAN training to document how it improved/changed their lives.)

4.      Student Growth, Empowered Employees

In the area of technology, all teachers will learn how to effectively use technology and apply learned skills into their lesson plans.

(100% of teachers will be observed using technology- tracked in Evaluate Davis.)

5.      Student Growth, Parent & Community Connections

Seventy percent of students will show typical or higher progress on     Dibels Pathways to Progress on middle of year Dibel Assessment.

(Track data in Dibels Pathways to Progress.)