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Library Hours:  8:40 AM - 3:45 PM
2019-20 School Theme

 Upcoming Events

                  BRIGHT FUTURE"

Davis Book Battle Meeting
    Oct. 2nd  8:00 AM
  Registration - Sep.t 4 - Oct. 11

October 2, 2019                                          Storytelling Workshop                               South Weber Elem.                                   4:00-5:30 PM

Davis Reads
  Family Literacy Night
  Oct. 14. 2019   7:00 PM
  Davis High School Auditorium

MARCH 2, 2020



School Library Mission Statement

Our library is a place to access books, information and materials to foster a lifelong love of reading and learning to all members of our school community.

Library Information

Library Information

Policies and Guidelines

Policies & Procedures

Syracuse Elementary Library Policy Guidelines

Library Information:

·         Scheduling- The library schedule is set up in conjunction with the prep schedule, allowing teachers a block of time for grade level planning. This is done by the school administration. Students attend library once a week for 30 minutes. This 30 minutes includes selecting new reading material and library core instruction time. Library instruction will align with Davis District Library DESK Standards. Classes missing library for Field Trips or Assemblies will not be reschedule. However a quick book exchange time may be arranged by the classroom teacher with the media specialist.

·         Circulation-  Students are allowed to check out 1-2 books, additional books can be checked out for class assignments or projects.  Books are checked out for one week.  Students are able to renew books they have not finished. E-mail and written notices are sent to the classroom teacher to be sent home in Tuesday packets. There are no fines for overdue books. Students need to have a permission form signed to check-out books.

·         Lost or Damaged Books: As per district policy, payment is required if a student is responsible for the loss or damage of a book. The payment will be the trade cost of the book along with a two dollar processing fee. The school will not accept a copy of the lost book in exchange of payment. Payment should be made in the library with a check or exact change.

·         Computer Access-  Students have access to computers in the library. The same Acceptable Use Policy required by the Davis School District, applies to the library. Computers can be used to access the Library Catalog and for research purposes.

·         Volunteers and Library Helpers-  Volunteers are always welcome to help under the direction of the library media specialist. Students wanting to help in the library fill out an application, get teacher permission, attend orientation and pass a quiz.

·         Syracuse Elementary Library Disclosure- A complete copy of the Library Disclosure and Library Rules can be found on the Library webpage.

Selection Policy:

Three different selection aids will be used in selecting materials for the library.

·         Reading materials needed to support and enhance district DESK standards  curriculum. Both informational text and fiction books on all reading levels will be purchased. This will include: information books, chapter books, series and picture books.

·         The aide of booklists prepared by professional organizations, such as Library Journal, The New York Times and Barnes and Noble, showing trends in demand.   Publishers’ catalogs will be used to see what is new in the market.  Published reviews will be used to narrow down the list of possible selections. 

·         Student interest and requests will also be considered for purchase. There is a form on the website.

Materials selected for purchase will meet at least two of the selection policy criteria, have at least two positive reviews and will be age appropriate for our library community.  New releases that have not yet been reviewed may be purchased at the discretion of the library media specialist.


In order to maintain an attractive and up-to-date collection, all materials will be evaluated for weeding.  This will be done on a rotating cycle, with the inventory process.  Materials may be removed from the collection for being out dated, inaccurate, damaged, duplicate, unused, or no longer part of the curriculum.


Books or materials donated to the library need to be in new or good condition. Unused items may be sold at a used book sale, donated to another organization, or given to a recycling vendor. Gift cards are always a welcome donation.

Parental Restrictions:

Any parent wishing to limit their child’s ability to check out certain books or other library materials may submit a written paper addressing the limits they want applied to their student. This is done on an individual basis. The library media professional will apply the restrictions to Destiny, limiting the student’s ability to check out all available library materials. This restriction applies to the individual student and does not restrict the rights of other students in the school.

School Library Advisory Committee:

This committee will consist of at least five members. The chair being the library media specialist, one administrator, a minimum of - two teachers (one being the reading coach) and two PTA board members or parents. This committee will meet quarterly or as deemed necessary to discuss library business or concerns.

Collection Evaluation Committee:

This committee will be comprised of the Syracuse Elementary Community Council Committee with additional members from the Library Advisory Committee including: the library media specialist, reading coach and PTA board members.







2020 Class Schedule 

School Library Events

   Meeting Schedule

        Battle Meetings 1st Wednesday of the month  8:00-8:30 AM
See Davis Book Battle Tab for details






Library Standards

The Library Media DESK focuses and prioritizes the reading and information literacy skills that students need to know and be able to use to help them read and research effectively in all subjects and with a variety of technologies.

Elementary DESK
K-5 Elementary Library Media Standards and Scope and Sequence 

Secondary DESK Standards
6-12 Secondary Library Media Standards  
Utah State Board of Education Library Media Standards

Permission Form

Davis Book Battles


   Meeting Schedule

        Battle Meetings 1st Wednesday of the month  8:00-8:30 AM

September 4th – Orientation/Kick off   (Registration open Sept. 4-Oct. 11)
                           All Registration needs to be in before Fall Break

October 2nd  – Story:  Read and discuss note taking & take Quiz, earn                                     battle pin

November 6th – Hand out Battle Packets / Review Note taking   
                                      (Journal materials & Lanyards)

December 4th – Memory Match games

January 8th  – Practice Battle Games

February 5th – Team Posters and Pictures

March 4th – Battle Quiz teams will need at least 20 points to move on to the Round Robin

March 2-6  Round Robin held during Library/Preps

March 9-12 Battle Tournament held during Library/Preps

Final Battles top 2 teams  Grade level Assembly - afternoon March 12

District Battle - TBA

April 8th – Awards and treats

2020 Book List



Join our Davis community by reading on Read Across Davis day
March 2, 2018


Library Destiny Catalog 
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School library catalog site

Overdrive Digital Library Catalog
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Student login:  Student username and pin #
Teacher login: Encore username and password

Utah's Online Library Database Catalog
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Ask the librarian for the home login information

Book Request Form 



Join the Davis community in 
Read Across Davis
March 2, 2020




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Library Event Highlights

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Davis Reads Theme for 2019-20
            "A Bright Future"


Battle Meeting Schedule
1st Wednesday of the Month
  September-April  8:00 AM
Oct. 2
Nov. 6
Dec. 4
Jan. 8
Feb. 5
Mar. 4
Apr. 8  Awards
         Round Robin
   March 2-6, 2020

       Battle Tournament                            March 9-12, 2020               
Semi and Final Rounds March 12th